The Importance of Telling Your Story

They say “The truth shall set you free.” Telling your story can also set you free. It’s speaking your truth. It’s not that you’re “lying” if you don’t tell your story. It’s more that telling your story can bring you out of hiding, give you purpose, and make you vulnerable and transparent. So, how can that be freeing? Why is it important to speak out?  Continue reading “The Importance of Telling Your Story”


All The Feels! -Why Do We Feel Our Emotions More Deeply In Sobriety?

There are many reasons that people drink alcohol and use drugs, but one of the most common reasons is to help deal with, or escape from our emotions. Whenever we feel anxious, scared, depressed, or bored, we automatically reach for our go-to drug of choice to alleviate our symptoms and dull our pain. If we’ve been doing this for years, then this may be the only way we know to cope with life’s ups and downs. It’s familiar and easy Continue reading “All The Feels! -Why Do We Feel Our Emotions More Deeply In Sobriety?”

Partying Sober When Your Friends And Family Drink

Let’s face it – most people drink alcohol; and many of them drink a lot! If most of your friends and family drink regularly, you’re likely around it all the time, and it’s probably the center focus at their social events and holidays. If you’re sober, it can be hard to avoid. If you were a recovering drug addict, you would try to stay far away from anyone using, but almost everyone drinks alcohol. It’s not only socially acceptable, but even Continue reading “Partying Sober When Your Friends And Family Drink”

10 Things In My Sobriety Toolbox

What is a sobriety toolbox, and should you have one? Much like a household toolbox that you use to fix things around the house, a sobriety toolbox is a collections of items, mechanisms, or behaviors that you can turn to when you need help staying sober. Tools can be actual items that you can keep in a box or special bag, or they can be actions that you can take to calm you down, or lift you up. Continue reading “10 Things In My Sobriety Toolbox”